Thursday, July 28, 2011

Haunted Design House: "Out! Out, damn spot!"

Oh what fun!  I've found a new challenge blog and I love it!  
"Out! Out, damn spot!"
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that is covered in spatter, splatter, drips or drops.
It doesn't have to be bloody. There are plenty of other creepy,
drippy, gooey, and oozing things that can go SPLAT!

Well this is nothing like the "Dexter" card I helped my husband's son make - that was splatters galore!  But this was still in the "drippy" category so I thought it'd suffice.  There's some awfully talented artists posting their art on this challenge blog, so I hope mine stands up to the blog's high standards.

The background is a "soot" technique.  I learned how to do it by watching this video on StampTV.  Thanks GinaK!  I used cheap-o 4x6 photo paper which doesn't "soot" up so much, and can burn, brown, and curl really easy!  Its just that I wanted the paper quick and easy - no searching for chromecoat and cutting it to size.  Instead of off-stamping, I made the cut with the Happy Hauntings cart, designed on my Gypsy.

After last Christmas I was pretty much out of any deep red ink sprays (my fave are LSG) so I mixed the remaining acrylic paint I had with some LSG that was in a mini mister  sorry I can't tell you the color.  This is how I got a drippy enough medium to roll down the fangs of my smokey-eyed ingenue.
A real "Dexter" moment!
Thanks so much for checking out my post.  I really appreciate comments, so type away!


Andrea C said...

Well it looks pretty mysterious and classy and very well drippy splatty. Thanks for sharing your creation with us at Haunted Design House x

Sharon said...

This is great - really clever !!! Love it!

ike said...

FAB card - welcome to the Dark Side... love that last pikkie of the spatter... you can use that when it dries for another Dexter moment :-)
Great piece :-D
Ike xx

Cgra said...

Very clever - I love the dripping effect. I need to find this 'Dexter' card you're talking about - is it posted on your blog?

Susan's crafty chaos said...

This is wonderful, I LOVE the look of the spattered image against that sooty background! Thanks very much for playing along with us at HDH, and I'm sorry for the lateness of my comment, I've been a little swamped this week. Hope to see you on our fun blog hop this week too :D