Sunday, March 18, 2012

2012 Shamrock Run Results

It was early.  It was grey.  It was drizzly.  It was cold. 

It was GREAT!  Check out Shamrock Run 2012, Portland, Oregon.

Click through to YouTube to watch in a larger format.  Pictures were from JP's iPhone, so the quality is what it is.  Thanks to my wonderful husband for sticking around for the entire production!

Here're my stats in a nutshell:
8K = 4.97 mi.
Total Time:  41:37 min
Per Mile Time:  8:23 min
Overall Average Women's Time:  50:22
Total 8K Runners:  6442
Women 8K Runners:  3921
Men 8K Runners:  2521
Total Women 40-44: 547
My Place in Division:  33
Percent in Division:  Top 6%
My Place in All Women 8K: 310
Percent of All Women:  Top 8%
My Place Overall (Age, Women & Men):  929
My Percent Overall (Age, Women & Men): 14%

Watch out Race for the Roses!  You're next!

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