Sunday, March 6, 2011

Big Goof! Pastels: "Less Is More" Blogspot Challenge

I'm so embarrassed!  I don't believe this hits the criteria for the Less Is More Blogspot Challenge.  I mistook "negative space" for "white space." Clearly there's no white space in this card!  My Goof!

Since you're already here, if you want to take a peek...My little ingenue is my sweet niece, who's more than twice the age now than when this photo was taken.  I am like a blind person stumbling around in a forest (all respect to the sight impaired) when it comes to using my Photoshop Elements 9.  I really need a class.  But here's what I did to make this card:

Opened up the photo and cropped it so Sylvia was more in the right third of image.  Used a tool (see, I don't even know what its called) to select her.  Then I "wiped out most of the color" on the background.  I thought about toning down her jacket, but decided to keep it just as it was.  I then printed it out on normal, cheap copy paper because it had sort of a muted, grainy effect.  I then chalked the yellow and pink flowers and the blue sky for the old-time pastel effect.

Next came the layering of an assortment of ribbons in the same chalk pastel colors (Offray, American Crafts, Target).  The acrylic sentiment (Junkitz) was adhered with Glossy Accents.  All was layered on  black and pink pastel cardstock (Bazzill Basics).

It was difficult for me to get a good picture what with my current lighting conditions and the pastel.  I boosted the color a little in iPhoto just for this post.
The acrylic embellishment says, "Growing In Leaps and Bounds."  Thanks for taking a peek.


Chrissie said...

This is really clever Bernadet, your niece is gorgeous, but as you so rightly say... it's NOT Clean and Simple!
No white space... never mind at least you did realise!
Better luck next time!
"Less is More"

nicky said...

Its a fab card and dont worry its the kind of thing I do alot of

Faith A said...

You've done her justice, it all looks lovely

Rochelle said...

Hi, Bernadet! This card is absolutely adorable! Your niece looks really cute. I love it. You're absolutely right, what matters is you enjoyed making it. LOL I overlooked the white space requirement too. But good luck with your next entry. It's lovely. :)


Mandi said...

Hi Bernadet
Im so sorry I didn't respond when you wrote on my blog, I wasn't on my computer as we had guests!

You are funny, glad you realised!
your card is FB nonetheless!

"LEss is More"

Kathyk said...

Saw your second entry for less is more first (which is fab btw) and came to check this out - complete opposite but still a lovely, lovely card