Thursday, July 25, 2013

Vicki's Altered Book

My uber-talented aunt, Vicki Jacobs, made me the most fantastic altered book when I turned 41.  She is beginning a Meetup near her focusing on Altered Books:  Tigard Altered Books.  I can't participate in the first meeting, so I wanted a place to showcase her work with the rest of the ink & paper loving world

Playfully distressed with ink and added embellishments, I know all kinds of goodies are awaiting discovery inside.
Did she choose this particular book for the spine color, or the topic... or both?!
The Road to Beauty, An Adventure in Rejuvenation.  1924  In an of itself the topic from its day is funny, and oh what fun Vicki added inside!
This gift was given to me on my birthday which was 11.11.11 that year.   I love the original Art Deco illustration!

Vicki's tongue 'n' cheek humor comes out right away!
I love the flowing lettering - so colorful and embellished with the punch.

The great thing about creating an altered art piece with someone in mind is the little ways it is personalized.  While this page is colorful and has lots of cool stuff, there are a number of things that are specifically relevant to me.  The picture of me on my wedding day (in the hair & makeup phase), my Mom's name, the stitching... so personal and thoughtfully executed in art.

Circles & squares - such a fun page!

So much to love on this page!
Some themes and creative styles tend to come out when compiled in one book.

I ADORE poetry in paper projects.  And as this one is wonderfully done in Vicki's own hand.  I love it!

What could be better than a pocket...?

...the fun tag that goes in it, of course!

Vicki & her daughter Valerie love to skate and support Portland's roller derby.  More personalization which is part of why this book is meaningful.
I really enjoy the colorful artwork on this page.
More pockets and poetry!

This fun page has a gate-fold surprise.
Just some fun text - so much to see and touch and enjoy in this special creation.

 Best of luck coordinating the Altered Book Meetup Vicki!  I know you'll provide inspiration to all, and can't wait to see how you've been inspired in you next creation!


Funny excerpts from the original text in The Road to Beauty:

"The morning lemon and water was never omitted, nor were the exercises.  The end of the week found Rose brisker and with more"pep" than she had had for years.  She was eating everything she didn't like, and was always so hungry that she loved them.

Chapter entitled:  HAIR HEALTH - The Glory that was Grease.

     "Gloria now turned to her tall friend:  'Nona, I'll just wager you have taken very little interest in what you have been eating and that you haven't been sleeping nearly enough.'

     'Well, what do yo expect when I live alone?'"

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Vicki said...

OMG. It was nice to see that book again. I thought I'd never finish that book; I played with it more than six years. --Vicki (aka SkatesWscissors)