Saturday, January 26, 2013

Home Decor with Vinyl

Here's a quick post highlighting some fun I recently had with vinyl.

Dog Food Jars

I love these big pickle jars (picked up at Fred Meyer for less than $20) for keeping our dog food dry and accessible.  As Sawyer requires a $pecial diet, we have separate jars, but kids don't always pay attention as to which is which.  So I decorated them to avoid any further confusion.

Originally I wanted their pictures on the blank frame areas below, but as I do wash these out by hand, I hadn't thought of a good way to secure a laminated picture.  They're blank for now, but I will fill them in soon.
Carts:  Paper Pups, Art Nouveau, A Frightful Affair, Paper Lace

My baby girl, Kate.
My craft buddy, Sawyer.
 Cricut vinyl in Black and White.

***   ***   ***
Wall Art
Next up is a Christmas gift I made for my husband this year - his passion is golf.  These photos were snapped on a golf outing with two of his boys, and on a trip to Pebble Beach with his dad.

I expected him to want to put this collection either in his office or downstairs by the golf closet, but he chose to have them more prominently displayed by our stairs - how sweet!

12x12" canvases from Craft Warehouse - $7.50 ea on sale.  Photos printed out at local FedEx (Kinko's) for just a few dollars.  They were trimmed to 11 1/2 x 11 1/2". 

Brown vinyl from Provo Craft.  Distress Inks in Antique Linen, Vintage Photo, and Walnut Stain.  Photos edited in PSE 9 and Perfect Effects 4.

As you can see I love decorating with photographs in my home!  My hubby picked the spot and arranged the golf art just so.

I've used this fun cart for several projects - but truth be told, I mostly bought it because of the golf art.

Design was created on my Gypsy.  I broke the original art into 2, 11 1/2"mats, deleted some cuts, and stretched it to fit.

This is how the original artwork shows up. (Please excuse the glare, but just at that minute the sun peeked through!)

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Susie Craft Happy! said...

Wowie-Ca-Powie Bernadette! Love the projects here!

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Susie Craft Happy! said...

I'm going to feature this project on FCCB's blog this Saturday's Scrappin Saturday post! Love these!!

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