Monday, January 9, 2012

Possible fire - averted!

A quick post from around the house...

Two months ago our dryer quit working although it was only about six months old.  As the local appliance repair outfit is on speed dial on my phone what with ALL the repairs on our high-end appliances over the last few years, I accepted this failure as the dryer itself.

The repair guy said actually the "pigtail" or 4-pronged cord, available at any Home Depot, was the culprit, so I went out and bought a new one for $27.  The cost for the guy to tell me that: $80.

Two months later, day 2 of a mega laundry blitz (cleaned out kids closets, bathrooms, bedding...) JP and I noticed a funky smell in the laundry room.  Not burning really, almost that of popcorn or something cooking.  Long story short, the outlet that the pigtail plugs into was super hot - yow-zuh!

Whether this is just part of the shoddy construction of this Russian-built* home (don't get me started... doors not closing properly, floors that are uneven, cracks along wall seams...) or what, but I'm so glad we discovered this problem when we did, and had a highly rated electrician fix it for us!  Thanks Angie's List.

Left side of outlet, melted.

Right side - super melty with wire exposed too!

A good "Wicked Witch of the West" impersonation.  "I'm melting!"

Prong from pigtail was singed.
 * To understand this term, you must have lived in Clark County during the building boom.

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